Monday, July 6, 2009

Hauling Hay

It’s July – sunny, hot, and breezy, a perfect day for lazing around on the lake. But it’s also perfect haying weather so that’s what I’ve done all day, back and forth to the farm where I buy my hay, pulling a triple axle trailer loaded with round hay bales.

The folks at the farm give me a call when they’ve knocked the hay down so I can plan my days to be ready when they are. By going to get the hay as it is being baled, they don’t have to double handle it and I can just drive my truck down the rows of bales as they load it right onto my trailer. Then it’s 20 miles home, trying not to hold up too much traffic on my way, unload and stack, and back to get another load.

I do have to admit that hauling and unloading round bales is a lot easier than unloading and stacking multiple loads of square bales, and it's so much easier feeding round bales to the horses in the winter! But it’s still hot work.

Oh well, at least my dog got to spend her time cooling off in the lake!

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