Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls’ Ride

I’m excited! This coming weekend is our Girls’ Ride which has been an annual spring event for about 30 years. A herd of us lady friends get together to camp, horseback ride and enjoy the outdoors. Different horseback riders have joined our group along the way and others have left, either temporarily or for good, but one of our members is a “founding” member and I, myself, have been going for at least 25 years.

We meet out at Pillsbury State Forest in Pillager, MN; some of us are lucky enough to be able to get a start on the weekend by arriving Thursday afternoon and the event lasts until Sunday afternoon. It’s a women-only affair and no one under 21 is allowed to join us – not because we sit around and drink until all hours, but because it is our getaway when we don’t have to think or worry about the kids.

A number of years ago my daughters both started coming and seem to enjoy the weekend as much as us “older” girls do! We spend a lot of time on horseback and eat a lot of good food. After each day's activities, the horses relax on the picket lines and munch hay while the dogs lay at our feet as we sit around the campfire laughing and talking until one by one, we sleepily drift off to our motor homes for bed. When we wake up bright and early the next morning, we're ready to start all over!

I’ll spend the next couple of days busily getting everything ready: trailer packed with all the horse gear; motor home pulled out of storage and cleaned and loaded; clothes packed and I’ve already been busy in the kitchen preparing food ahead of time so that I don’t have to spend much time cooking when I could be riding.

I’m so looking forward to the weekend and as the old beer commercial used to say “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! Have a "tons" of fun!!

I am wondering, if you have a suggestion for a good riding jacket, that protects against the elements...not too noisey, not real loose and flapping. I am NOT suggesting that it may rain this coming wkend.

Thanks bundles, enjoy ALL the morning biscuits ;)