Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kids On Ponies

Sarah Bernier on Chico There’s nothing cuter than kids on their ponies! So many of us have such fond memories of either ourselves or our children and time spent riding ponies. Despite wanting a horse desperately as a kid, I never had one, but both of my girls grew up with a wonderful pony named Chico. Chico was a small, white fuzzball Shetland/Welsh mix with all the patience in the world. He was also a great babysitter, and I got to see each of my daughters blossom under his tutelage. His only problem was his short legs, which made him constantly trot to keep up with full-sized horses on trail rides.

Kids on Ponies There are so many different types of ponies – Shetland, Welsh, POA, and Haflinger to name just a few – and they come in all sizes and colors. To be considered “pony” the size must be less than 14.2 hands, or 58 inches tall at the withers. For showing purposes, ponies are divided into 3 different categories: small – 12.2 hands or under, medium – over 12.2 to 13.2 hands, and large – over 13.2 to 14.2 hands.

There are some breeds – Arabian, Morgan and Quarterhorse – which are considered horses no matter their size. Some breeds, such as the Fjord and Icelandic, are considered horses by their registries even though they exhibit some of the pony characteristics and size. Typical pony characteristics, other than size, are thicker manes, tails and coats and stockier builds.

Toddler Riding Paint Pony I am a grandmother now and starting the next generation on a pony – a large, calm, Welsh/Quarterhorse cross mare named Bailey. How wonderful to see another kid on a pony! Of course, over the years I have learned a lot and calm horse or not, this child will always wear a riding helmet.

I cannot wait to watch my granddaughter learn on this gentle equine, just as I watched my own daughters years ago.

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IceRyder said...

Very nice post about kids and ponies!

I have Icelandic Horses and they are ponies, no doubt.

Here's an article:

It's a marketing thing that the Icelanders don't want them to be called ponies, but the Fjord people have no trouble calling them horses or ponies.

I am proud that they're ponies. There's lots of good qualities there!

Hope the grandkids enjoy their riding times with you. I'm sure they will remember them always!