Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeping a Horse Alone

A question came up the other day about whether or not a horse could be kept alone and still do well, knowing that they are herd animals. This got me to thinking about all the horses I’ve known over the years and wondering which would have done well alone and which wouldn’t.

What it basically comes down to is the personality of the horse as to whether it could handle being alone all the time. One of our horses seemed to be fairly insecure and if left alone for too long would go off his feed and get depressed. Another one was pretty much anti-social and did well off by herself, not caring about other horses - or even people. At another time we had a horse that was very mean to others in the herd and was a changed animal, behavior-wise, when he was sold and ended up the only horse in a field and didn’t have to compete for attention. I also have a friend whose horse was fine being alone for a couple of months but then seemed to have panic attacks until another horse was brought in to keep her company.

So don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot keep a horse by itself; you be the judge and see how it goes.

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