Monday, January 26, 2009

Take Time to Enjoy Your Horse!

My life lately has been very hectic and busy and I haven’t had the time to head out to the barn to ride my mare. All I’ve had time for lately is to run out and check on the horses that are here in the home pasture: make sure they have plenty of hay to keep them warm in this current cold snap; be sure that the automatic waterer is still working; give them a quick rub and scratch and then feed the cat before heading back inside.

I know it’s been very cold and therefore not too conducive to outside activities – I don’t snowmobile or ski – but that shouldn’t be an excuse for "neglecting" my horses. I have the horses to enjoy them - every aspect of them - so I should make the time to spend with them. After all, isn’t that why we're horse-lovers in the first place? Whenever I do take the time for me and for them, I come away so much more relaxed and in a great peace of mind. I love the time spent with them – it is my mental health time. I really do need to sit back and make time for myself. It’s good for my soul and it’s good for my horses.

OK – here’s my resolution…..spend more time with my horses, whether it’s riding or just talking and petting. But it’ll have to wait for right now – I have so much to do before I head off on vacation!!

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