Friday, January 2, 2009

Safety While Tacking Up Your Horse

Stall Door Latch At Benvelle Equestrian Center where I board my mare, Joon, there is only one tack stall so my friends and I usually crosstie our horses in their own stalls to saddle them up. I have learned – the hard way – to be very careful going in and out of the stall while the door is open.

Not to mention the times I have caught my shirt or coat on the stall door latch, once I unwittingly started bringing Joon, saddled and bridled, out of the stall only Stall Door Latch Catching on Saddle to have her hook the cheek strap of the caveson on the latch. Now we were in a panic situation since she felt trapped and struggled to break free. Luckily the thin caveson strap broke before her neck did!

Whether your horse is saddled or just being taken in and out of the stall, always make sure that the stall door is not only pushed all the way open, but make sure that the latch is retracted all the way first. It is so easy to snag a strap or a stirrup; it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Safely Bringing a Horse out of the StallIt’s such an obvious safety issue, but one that I never even thought of until it happened to me.

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