Monday, January 12, 2009

Nutrena XTN Horse Feed

24-Year-Old Half-Arab Mare I have been keeping an eye on our old mare, Joy. She turned 24 years old on her “birthday” of January 1, and although noticeably more swaybacked of late, so far she’s been able to hold onto her weight and looks good. But, if she starts losing weight I plan on putting her on Nutrena’s XTN feed. I fed that to our other old horse, Kamell – a black-bay gelding notorious for being a hard keeper – and it made a huge difference not only in his weight, but in his energy level.

A few years ago I was worried about Kamell, then 26 years old. He was heading into winter too thin, and no matter how much or what I fed him I couldn't get him to gain weight. My veterinarian suggested feeding him Nutrena XTN. It's easily digestible, high in fat and fiber and contains yeast and probiotics to aid the body in getting the most out of the feed. It made quite a difference! Kamell put on weight and instead of moping around like an old man, he started instigating trouble in the field!

Nutrena XTN Transforms an Old Gelding
26-Year-Old Arab GeldingI had gone out to feed one morning and inadvertently left the gate unlatched – Kamell took advantage and lead 2 of the other horses out for a romp. It was winter and we had a deep layer of snow on the ground but that didn’t stop them from taking a tour at a gallop around the yards. My neighbor, Merle, saw them dash by his window so quickly threw on coat and boots and headed out to help me round the horses up. He was just in time to turn them from heading down and out the driveway, but then they circled the barn and headed out through the woods along our riding trail – Kamell in the lead with his tail flagged!

Merle got in his truck to head down the road to where the wooded trail came out and I jumped on the Gator. Imagine my surprise when I met up with Merle and neither one of us had seen the horses! Back along the trail I went; Merle went the opposite way along the road and came upon another neighbor at the top of his drive, standing with his eyes wide and mouth open. When Merle asked him if he’d seen some horses his comment was “Did I ever! There were three of them, with a brown one out front...they were running flat out with tails in the air.”

A half mile farther up the road they had finally gotten corraled in a friend’s arena and I led them back home. Very proud of himself, 26-year-old Kamell didn't have one sweaty hair and was breathing normally, 9-year-old Ole was damp but not out of breath while 5-year-old Ben was drenched with sweat and puffing hard. Evidently our "old man" had given the younger horses - literally - a run for their money!

Obviously, the XTN had been very good for Kamell's health. Although we eventually had to put Kamell down in the fall of 2006 (at 27½ years of age), I truly believe Nutrena's XTN feed helped us get the last couple of years from him. I will not hesitate to start feeding it to Joy at the first hint that she might be having trouble keeping her weight and energy level up...I'm thankful there's a product available to help older horses.

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