Monday, January 26, 2009

Horse Lessons

I have contacted a trainer here in Brainerd, MN, to see about taking some riding lessons with her this spring. I am already thinking ahead to getting back on my horse and getting her back into shape after not having been riding her with any type of schedule for the last couple of months.

My good friend, Max, is an awesome horseperson and trainer who has taught me so much, but just because I’m thinking of taking lessons from someone else doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what she has spent years teaching me. Different people have different methods of teaching how to ride and you can learn something from everyone. Two different instructors can teach you the same technique, but each one will make you look at it in a different way. The more lessons you take from more instructors will only increase your knowledge of riding.

Max has even said that she is continually learning – each time she attends a seminar she comes away with fresh ideas, and then passes them along to those riders she is helping.

Whether you are planning on heading out on the show circuit, or just want to increase your knowledge and have fun with your horse - and even though you may have a good rapport with your instructor - don’t hesitate about taking in a lesson or two from a different trainer. Attending horse seminars is another way to learn different methods. Life is a constant learning process; take in all you can.

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