Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Riding Pants

Riding Sport Full Seat Thermo Riding Pants It was my birthday yesterday and I received a wonderful gift from my husband. Of course, not being horse-savvy and not understanding what it was I wanted, he had me order it myself! I am now the proud owner of a pair of winter riding pants. They’re insulated, wind- and water-proof, with synthetic knee patches for protection against stirrup leathers. Also, they're made to wear over a pair of jods or thermal long johns, which means you don't have to have on bulky jeans underneath.

There are quite a few brands of riding pants available; I chose this pair - Riding Sport™ full-seat thermo riding pants - based on price as most of them are pretty much equal in quality, durability and appearance.

It gets quite cold here in Minnesota in the winter but outfitted with the right clothes, riding along the trails through the woods in the snow can be exhilarating. There have also been times in both the spring and fall when we’ve been riding in damp, windy conditions so these pants will be very welcome at that time also.

I didn't get out riding yesterday, much as I would like to, but this weekend I’ll be warm while I’m out with my mare even though the temperature is predicted to be in the low 20’s.

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Karen Kersten said...

Kathy, I just got the same pants; wore them Sunday and today-they work great, nice and toasty, full seat, and repel dirt and moisture.