Friday, December 12, 2008

Wear a Horseback Riding Helmet

Woman Trail Riding without a HelmetHow many times have you gone out to ride and didn’t wear a helmet? Have you been like me and thought “I’m only going to go on a walking trail ride, I don’t need it”? I never used to wear a helmet horseback riding even though I had seen my daughter take a header off her pony and break the visor on her hard hat. Another time she fell off and I heard the crack of her helmet hitting the ground and thought, "that could have been her head!"

4-H Horseback Rider with HelmetThe 4-H program has now instituted a rule: any time a rider is on a horse at a 4-H sponsored program, they have to be wearing a helmet. This was brought home during last summer’s 4-H horse show at the Crow Wing County Fair. My friend’s granddaughter took a bad fall off her horse in the show ring. Luckily she wasn’t hurt, but her helmet was cracked.

Even though kids might not think helmets are "fashionable" head gear - especially during a Western horsemanship or costume class - I've noticed they are realizing the benefits of hard hats and wearing them much more often.

There are many different types and styles of helmets now that are American Society for Testing and Materials/Safety Equipment Insititute (ASTM/SEI) certified. Companies that make approved helmets are:Young Girl Wearing Hard Hat
  • Troxel - makes only approved helmets
  • International Helmets
  • Australian Holdings
  • Charles Owens & Co. Ltd.
  • Lexington Safety Products, Inc.
  • Equine Science Marketing, Ltd.
  • Del Mar Helmet Co., Inc.

These helmets can be purchased at any horse tack store and are sold through all the equine tack catalogs. The Equestrian Association has estimated that by wearing ASTM/SEI approved helmets, riding-related head injuries have been decreased by 50%.

So why take a chance on a catastrophic injury? Wear your helmet when horseback riding…I do!

Even Moms Wear Helmets!

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Karen Kersten said...

Good stuff about helmets. I wear mine always--hate the helmet hair, but twice I think I would have been a vegetable when I'd come off, hitting my head--no damage (unless you ask my hubby)