Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow-Covered Horses

Snow Covered Horse As I sit here at my computer looking out the window, I can’t help but admire the winter scene outside: huge soft snowflakes have been drifting down all day, covering everything with a fluffy base of snow. During my afternoon check of the horses out in the field I had to laugh at their noses rimmed in ice and the 'blankets' of snow on their backs.

They are perfectly happy to be gathered around the bale feeder – no huddling in the shed for them! In fact I have noticed that very rarely do our horses stand in their shed under cover during the cold Minnesota winters, preferring instead to stand in amongst the trees with their backs to the wind. They have healthy, thick coats that trap the air in between the hair strands and create an insulating layer of warmth.

Horse with Melted Snow on BackWhen it snows, this layer of insulation keeps the snow from melting off their backs. Some people might think they need to remove the cold snow, but we don't...the additional layer on top only adds to their insulation and keeps them even warmer. Of course, eventually the snow will fall off, or if it's warm enough outside, it'll melt...which COULD lead to having horses that look like Pigpen!Half-Arab with Melted Snow on Back

But, they're happy out there munching on hay, and I’m just as happy inside with a fire in the fireplace, a mug of hot cider in hand and Christmas music playing on the CD player.

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