Friday, December 12, 2008

Dressage & Trail Horse for Sale

Black Quarter Horse My dog trainer, Linda, has told me news which is both good and bad.

Good news: she's selling her gorgeous Quarter horse, Janosch.

Bad news: I can't afford a horse at this time.

Here's the skinny on this dressage and trail horse:

Janosch is a 10-year old, registered Quarter horse gelding. He is black with no markings. He has three very nice gaits and is attentive and forward - he loves to canter. He also has a lovely sitting trot, even over cavaletti. He is trained through Level I dressage and is learning some Level II work. He has a great work ethic and always tries his best to do whatever you ask.

Kid-Friendly Quarter HorseHe is sound of mind and safe. He has never tried to bolt, buck, rear, kick or bite in the time Linda's owned him. He trail rides in mixed groups as well as alone (he's often taken out alone in the arena or trail riding). On the trail he is quite forward, meaning he wants to move out but is never inattentive to cues.

He walks right into the trailer, bathes easily, loves being groomed, stands quietly for the farrier and basically lets his handler do anything with him. Linda's never clipped him, so can't attest to his manners during clipping. But judging by how calm and sane he is, it's probably not an issue.

He has been shown in dressage and dressage quadrilles successfully by his previous owner. He has also been ridden western.

Linda's asking price is $5,000.00. This price was set by her friend who makes her living training, coaching and selling horses.

If you're interested in learning more about Janosch or would like to try him out (he's currently boarded at a facility in Zimmerman, Minnesota) please contact Linda by email or call her at (763) 458-6232.

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