Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow

Driving Single-Horse Sleigh Oh, what fun we’re having!

Yesterday was a super warm day, it actually got up into the low 30’s, so my husband and I loaded up the cutter into the back of the pickup and I headed out to the barn for a sleigh ride. I got a lot of second looks from folks in cars along the way with my cute “Santa’s sleigh” in the back.

When I got to the barn my friend, Max, and her daughter, Natasha, helped me unload the cutter and then we decided to turn my mare and Natasha’s horse loose in the arena for some running and romping time before harnessing Joon up. It has been since the County Fair last August that Joon has been in harness and we thought we’d let her work off some steam before driving her.

It had been misting outside all morning and Joon was a little wet – add the dust and dirt in the indoor arena and she finished up her playtime looking like a mudball! After trying to clean her up, and not succeeding, Max put the harness on Joon and then long-lined her for a little to make sure she still remembered and was listening.

Then it was time for the fun! First Max and I headed out in the sleigh and after a few circuits of the area, I got out and let Natasha have a turn. It was wonderful! It’s hard to describe the thrill of being in a cutter with the crisp air, the crunching of the horse's hooves, and the sound of the runners gliding through the snow. Next time I'll bring the bells, which I had forgotten this time, and will add the sound of them ringing.

We soon had quite an audience of the others who were at the barn that day, I think we could have gone all day giving rides.

Oh, what fun we’re having, and isn’t that the purpose of having horses in our lives?

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