Friday, December 19, 2008

Buckling vs. Tying a Western Cinch

Buckling a CinchWhich is easier, tying the latigo of a saddle to secure the cinch or using the buckle?

Which is better? I've had kids - and some adults! - ask me why I do it the way I do.

I have found that for myself, using the buckle on the cinch rather than tying the knot is Buckled Cinch with Extra Latigo Leathereasier, quicker and just as secure for keeping the saddle in place. It is also far easier for me to tighten the cinch my way rather than loosening up the knot, pulling the latigo and then re-tying it.

That said, there are many people who prefer using the knot method and can saddle up, tighten or loosen their cinch just as quickly as I can hook the tongue of the buckle. One reason someone might prefer the knot to the buckle is if their horse has a Step 1: Tying a Western Cinchsmaller girth. Even with a proper-fitting cinch, there can be a lot of leftover latigo when using the buckle, forcing you to keep wrapping it around which creates more bulk under your leg.

Conversely, some people think the same thing occurs when knotting their cinch!

Step 2: Tying a Western CinchIt is quite simple to fix the knot - over, around, under and through - and I have used it many times, especially when I'm using a saddle that doesn't have a latigo long enough to go around so that a buckle hole is properly placed.

Try both ways on your saddle and see which you prefer!

Step 3: Tying a Western Cinch

A Tied Western Cinch/Latigo

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