Monday, December 1, 2008

Benvelle Equestrian Center

I grew up with horses. What's more, I grew up with them basically in my back yard. Always having an available horse to ride within 50 yards of the house somewhat spoils a kid for when we enter the working world (i.e., living in a city), and you have to board a horse to have one.

Of course, I visit my parents as much as I can to take advantage of the country living! It was somewhat surprising when, a few years ago, she decided she was going to board one of her horses at a stable 30 minutes away.

"Why on earth would you pay to board a horse when you have acres and acres of trail riding and an arena right here at home?" I remember asking. Well, even with all the room to have the horses, she didn't have anyone to ride with, and in the winter it was hard to get out at all.

Now she always has a horse boarded at Benvelle Equestrian Center in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. She heads out at least twice a week to ride, whether it's for arena work or on the trail, and she gets to see a lot of her horsey friends, too. I've been out there several times with her, and it's quite the trip - forgetting drive time, by the end of tacking up, riding, and chit-chatting, it's at least a 3-hour commitment!

The stable has a nice indoor arena, so the riders can head out all winter for arena riding. In the summer, they can use either of the outdoor arenas or the roundpen. Afterwards, they've been known to cool down the horses by trail riding on the various trails around the property.

There are all kinds of riders at the barn, from western to dressage, and those that practice Parelli, too. Whether they want to take a riding lesson or work on their own training methods, the barn is a great place to gather and have fun...even for people who have the space to keep their horse at home :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Article! It just goes to show that its not the stable; but the people at the stable that make the differece! Benvelle has a WONDERFUL group of people who just plain LOVE horses and getting together to learn more about the wonderful world of horses!